10 Tips for Your Trip to Disneyland!

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10 Tips for Your Trip to Disneyland!

10 Tips for Your Trip to Disneyland!

Disneyland can be the happiest place on earth, but it can also be super overwhelming. Read as much as you can before going, so you are the most prepared. I went with 3 of my friends to California and Disneyland for my senior trip in 1999. Then I went to Disneyland in 2017 with my sister in law. It was so fun, but before the Star Wars: Galaxy Edge was built...so I need to go back! Pictures for this post are mostly from my senior trip when I was a darling and silly 18 year old. I'm in the green striped tank.

Here's 10 easy tips to make your trip to Disneyland wonderful:

1. Bring a Filtered Water Bottle
Water bottles are expensive at the park, but there are drinking fountains everywhere. Bring a filtered water bottle so you can drink delicious water at no cost. Totally worth it!

10 Tips for Your Trip to Disneyland!
I spent like $40 on this photo at Splash Mountain. I love it. It was totally worth it.

2. Phone App
Install the Disneyland app to keep track of ride line times, maps, restaurants, etc. Knowing the layout of the park is super important so you don't waste time walking around. I get super weird at parks...I tell my family they can talk while they wait in lines...but not while we are walking. Just get to the next destination.

10 Tips for Your Trip to Disneyland!

3. Battery Charging Bank
Because you'll want to be using the app on your phone all day, as well as taking photographs...you will want a backup battery. Disneyland has a bank available that you can purchase and replace through the day, which is nice. Or bring your own Portable Charger and make sure you are prepared!

10 Tips for Your Trip to Disneyland!
This pic is from my trip with my sister in law in 2017.

4. Small Backpack
Wear a small backpack. Fill it with your filtered water bottle, phone charger, snacks and wallet. My silly friends and I decided that in order to save money on our trip to Disneyland, we wouldn't buy any food. This was likely my idea because I hated spending money on food. Anyway, mid-day we all were snippy and grumpy with each other and realized we were just HANGRY! So we buckled down and bought some food. Carry some snacks to avoid high prices and hangry attitudes.

10 Tips for Your Trip to Disneyland!

5. Use FastPass and Rider Switch
Use the FastPass system...it is the best way to maximize time at the park. Have one person get the fastpasses for the entire party, that way all the return times will be the same. If you have small kids that can't ride certain rides, use the rider switch program. I've never been to Disneyland with kids, so I don't know all the details.

6. Food Reservations Early
Food places fill up fast! If you are planning on sitting down and eating at a restaurant, make reservations as early as possible. If you want a Dole Whip--get there as soon as they open...otherwise the lines will be extremely long.

We ate at the New Orleans "Cafe Orleans" to get the Monte Cristo and fries. We booked our reservation first thing and it was booked out well before lunch time. Every person will not need their own plate of food. Make sure you are drinking water to stay hydrated, but don't over eat. Buy a plate and share it with friends.

10 Tips for Your Trip to Disneyland!

7. Parking Picture
If you drive to the park, snap a quick picture of the parking location. This makes it easier after a long and exhausting day to find your car. Especially if you have a rental that you don't easily recognize!

10 Tips for Your Trip to Disneyland!

8. Arrive Early
To get the most out of your ticket, get to the park as early as possible. Lines to enter the park are long. Buy your tickets in advance online so you don't have to wait in the ticket line. Plan on being at the gates a half hour before the park opens.

10 Tips for Your Trip to Disneyland!

9. Stay Late
I like to arrive early and stay as late as possible. If you are in line when the park closes, they will still get you through the ride. So make sure you are in line before things close down.

10. Disneyland Merch
Buying things at Disney is fun, but expensive. Maybe hit up the local Walmart or Disney store before your trip to stock up. Make some Mickey Ears at home and bring them along! Merch wasn't a big deal when I went to Disney as a teenager, but it's definitely a big deal now. Make matching shirts for the family before going.

That's all the tips I have! What would you suggest?

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10 Tips for Your Trip to Disneyland!

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