How to Make a DIY Sandwich Bag Wreath for Outdoor Decor!

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How to Make a DIY Sandwich Bag Wreath!

      This fun and festive sandwich bag wreath is perfect for outdoor decoration...hang on the fence, front door or even hang in the trees!  This is a simple craft that is great for having lots of helpers.  Teach kids how to tie a simple overhand knot in a format that is much more fun than just tying and untying.  Using an inexpensive box of sandwich bags to create a wreath that will look very snow-like and handle winter weather outdoors.  I love Christmas in July, it's the perfect time of year to knock out a few winter projects so they are ready to go in December...or November, if you are like me!  Make a bunch of these this week and store them in a garbage bag in the loft until it's time to decorate for the holidays.

Supplies Needed:

Wire Hanger
Red Duck Tape
Twist Tie or Flexible Piece of Wire
Box of sandwich fold top bags (about 100-125 bags needed)
You could cut up grocery bags and use them if you want to do some upcycling!

Wreath Form:

     Begin by bending out the hanger into a circle.  The hanger hook makes it easy to hang up when it's finished.

Wreath Tying:

      Next, take a sandwich bag and squeeze it tight. Then tie it in a simple overhand knot around the hanger.
      Repeat a hundred times...seriously though, about 125 times or so.  Slide and squish the sandwich bag knots as close together as you can to make the wreath really fluffy and full.
    This was a great activity for my tween daughter but would be perfect for lots of little hands helping tie knots around the wreath.  Many hands make light work...or less tying per person!
     It would be a fun craft night for youth, activity days girls, or camp craft!  Once it's completely covered in bags, take some time to fluff it up.  Pull the edges of the sandwich bags open slightly while fluffing.  It's slightly transparent, shiny in the sunlight and looks almost like snow--perfect for all winter holiday season!  And a perfect craft to make during July!

 Make a Bow!

 Now it needs some color.  Get some ribbon or some colored Duck Tape...I chose red.
     Roll out a piece of Duck Tape that is about 18 inches long and place it sticky side up on the table.  Then repeat the process, but with the second piece of tape, place it right on top of the sticky tape...sticking the sticky sides together.  Now it is just like waterproof ribbon, perfect for an outdoor wreath.
Next loop over the ends of the tape strip and tape them together in the center.
Then gather the center of the bow with your fingers. 
 Next, wrap the center of the bow with some more tape. 
 Repeat the tape ribbon making process from earlier to make little tails for the bow.  
 Finally, cut the ends with the scissors in a decorative cut and then tape the tails to the bow body.
     Then simply attach the bow to the wreath with a twist tie or small wire pushed through the back of the center of the bow and twisted around the wire wreath form.  That's it!  Make a dozen of them and hang them along the fence...put one of the front door, hang them in the trees, give them out as neighbor gifts, decorate an elderly person's home, or hang them up around the office!
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