Happy Mother's Day Time Lapse Calligraphy

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6:00 AM
Time lapse video of happy mother's day calligraphy with wreath and flowers.

Happy Mother's Day Time Lapse Calligraphy

Happy Mother's day to all the moms.  Mother's day can be a very difficult day for me.  Sometimes instead of celebrating the fact that I am a mother of 3 fantastic children...I focus on the fact that my mom died when I was 16 and I feel jipped.  I've spent more years without my mom than the years I spent with her...it's sad to me and I still miss her.  But this year I'm focusing more on my own children and the possibilities the future may bring.  Happy Mother's Day!

I love using my Ipad and Procreate to make lots of fun doodles and art.  Enjoy my latest piece sped up!

How do you celebrate Mother's day?  If you are a mom, does your family pamper you?  If you have a mom around...do you pamper her?  Do you eat something special...do you like chocolates? 

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