Alcohol Ink Painted Hexagon Coasters DIY

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Alcohol Ink Painted Hexagon Coasters DIY

     Alcohol ink is so much fun to play with and it pairs perfectly with ceramic tiles.  Make gorgeous, colorful coasters, wall art or just little home decor accents.  Wouldn't it be awesome to make a tiled coffee table with all these little alcohol ink tiles.  It would be stunning!  Any size of tile will work for this fabulous technique.  These tiles could be hand-lettered on for place settings or used as magnets with a magnet adhered to the back of them.
Here's the video on the technique used in the's pretty straight forward:

Supplies Needed:  (affiliate links included)

Glazed Ceramic Tiles (any size)
Rubbing Alcohol
Pipette or Syringe
Blow Dryer or Embossing Heat Gun

     This is similar to a project I did before using 4 inch hexagon coasters.  They are colorful and bright, I just used India ink and gold leaf afterwards.  I still have them in my house and absolutely love them, the color is just as bright and vivid as it was the day I did it.  Check them out at this post:
And check out the video for this technique too:
Pick up some tiles at the home improvement store...any glazed tile will work.  The glaze is perfect because it is non-porous and the alcohol ink will dance all over it.
Begin by filling the syringe or pipette with rubbing alcohol and plug in the embossing gun...blow dryer can be used in place of the embossing heat gun.
Pour a drop of rubbing alcohol on the tile.  Don't worry too much about the mess...but it's best to have a work surface if you don't have an acrylic table that cleans off easily.  
Then add a drop of alcohol ink. 
Add other colors, one drop at a time.
Make sure you are working on an easy to clean surface.
Then gently blow the alcohol ink around with the embossing gun.
As the alcohol dries it creates beautiful blends and movement.
Add a drop or 2 of metallic alcohol ink.
And blow it again with the embossing gun.  Then let them dry completely.
     They are shining and stunning!  I love the mix of colors and the metallic sheen.  Finish it off with a clear coat, epoxy sealer or dishwasher safe Mod Podge.
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Unknown said…
On the alcohol technique, did you use glazed or unglazed tiles?
Dionna said…
Yes, use glazed tiles.