Floral Painted Easter Eggs Dyed with Tombow Markers

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bright shades of pinks, purples, greens and blue dyed eggs with loose florals painted by hand

Floral Painted Easter Eggs! 

Painting eggs was never my favorite craft.  I did not like painting or dying eggs as a child...but I'm kind of hooked now!  Just a simple project too--dying eggs with markers and then just adding a touch of paint to make loose florals.

These are stunning and would look amazing on the Easter brunch table...perfect shades of brights and pastel colors.

Step 1: Cook the Eggs

Cook the eggs according to the directions for the Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker.  It just takes about 18 minutes for the perfectly cooked egg.  No brown/blue discoloration around the yolks, perfection every time!

Supplies Needed for Floral Painted Easter Eggs:

The cooker works fast and cooks up to 7 Eggs to a hard cook in about 18 minutes.
You will also need Tombow Markers or Crayolas

Plastic bag or plastic wrap
Small spray bottle
Detail Paintbrush

Step 2: Color the Cooked Eggs

 Begin by coloring with the markers directly on the plastic bag.

 It will be faint, but not to worry.

Then mist the plastic bag with a spray bottle.

 Place the egg in the center of the bag.

Wrap the bag around the egg and watch the colors blend and mix.

Open up the bag to see the brilliance of color!

 Use a napkin to gently pat off the excess ink.

 Repeat with all shades and colors.  Let them dry completely.

Step 3: Paint Florals on Eggs

 Now get a few acrylic craft paints and a small round paint brush.

 Don't be intimidated by these florals...they take seconds and are super sloppy!

Hold the egg in the non dominate hand.

 Use the small paintbrush to add a couple globs in a circle shape.

Then add U shaped globs around the center.

 Again, add a few more glob shapes around the petals.

 Add a few little yellow splotches in the center.

 Add leaves and other flowers!

 Check out this video for loose florals--it will help you feel confident in doing your own.

That's it!

These egg flowers are even simpler because I wanted them to show the marker dye through the little spaces...they look more watercolor.

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  1. These eggs are just GORGEOUS! I never knew it was so easy to dye eggs with markers. And I love the flowers you painted on there - so pretty!

  2. These are so beautiful! I so am going to try this

  3. What a beautiful and fun craft to do - kids or no kids! I love this, and yours turned out so pretty!


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