Spooky Cheesecloth Ghosts!

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 Spooky Cheesecloth Ghosts!
This is a super fun craft to make with older kids. 
I enlisted the help of my 14, 12, and 8 year old kids.
They loved making these and were very impressed with the ghostly results.
 You will need to build a form for the ghost to be built on.
Ours turned out to be nearly 16 inches tall...so decide what size you want
them to be and find a jar that fits that size.
We used old Martinelli jars.
You will also need:
Plaid Mod Podge Stiffy
plastic grocery bags
wire or pipecleaners
bowl for mixing
 I rolled 2 grocery bags and taped the bottom like a "cork" to fit inside the bottles.
This is the head and the cheesecloth wont stick to the grocery bags.
 Just plug it right inside the bottle.
Also.  In the picture above, that is not gold nail polish...it's spray paint from
a project I was working on early.  Haha.  Let's continue.
 I used wire.  I have tons of it.
It was my moms.  She was extremely crafty but died when I was in high school.
My dad has still kept her hoards of supplies, so everytime I am over at his place,
I try to lift a few things.  You know, to help him out.
You could also just use pipe cleaners or even aluminum foil.
I am a big advocate for just using what you already have and not using all the
"required supplies".
 Just twist some wire and make some phantom like arms.
Looks silly now, I know.
 Now, open up your cheesecloth.  I cut my pieces into squares.
They fit the size of our ghosts perfectly...you can scale down or up, depending on the size of ghost you desire.
Put the cheesecloth in a bowl and squeeze in some Plaid Mod Podge Stiffy.
I used a full 16 oz bottle for 3 16" ghosts (3 layers of cheesecloth each)
I've never done it before, but the cheesecloth just needs a light coating all over it.
Mix it up and spread it around with your hands.
It's not an exact science, it will work.
 Then just take one layer of cheesecloth at a time and drape it over your form.
Let the cloth puddle at the base so it will stand on it's own when it is dry.
 Add 2 more layers.
The last layer we cut a bit smaller to give it a layered look.
This is a fun sensory activity.  My 8 year old does not like his hands dirty or sticky.
This was a struggle for him...but quick enough to make that it gave him some
practice getting dirty, making a craft and hurrying away to wash his hands.
 Let these scary guys dry overnight.
 They look so spooky and light!

 Then they are super simple to remove the bottle and wire
and pull the head form out!
The cheesecloth is stiff but still very flexible, so removing them is a cinch!
 Now they can stand up unaided and look spooky and terrifying!
Great decoration for Halloween!
These would also be so fun hanging in the tree or on the porch...of course,
you do not want them to get wet...so maybe hang them indoors!

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