Mod Podge Floral Tissue Paper Easter Eggs DIY

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Flower covered plastic easter eggs with mod podge and tissue paper

Mod Podge Floral Tissue Paper Easter Eggs DIY

 Create stunning Easter eggs with a floral watercolor look easily.  Step up Easter Egg hunts a notch by adding gorgeous floral elements to them in just minutes.  This fun Easter Egg craft is made with Mod Podge and flowery tissue paper.
When my kids were little they loved Easter egg hunts.  They collected the plastic eggs on Easter, ate any treats that were in them...and then did something I did not expect.  They took their baskets outside and took turns to hide the plastic eggs again for their siblings.  They played for weeks hiding eggs and searching for them.  They didn't even care that they were empty.

For these fabulous eggs you will need 3 items from Dollar Tree:

Plastic Eggs (I like the large ones)
Glossy Mod Podge
Floral Patterned Tissue Paper
Dollar Tree is full of amazing Easter supplies as well as Summer fun items:

There's lots of different patterns of tissue paper, so find one you love.
Take the tissue paper and cut it into 1" square pieces.
Use a paintbrush and paint the egg with Mod Podge...then stick the tissue paper to the egg.  Paint Mod Podge over the top of the tissue paper, smoothing out wrinkles and creases as you go.
Only decoupage the top half of the egg, right on the opening line.  Then set it in a cup to dry.
After the half is dry, repeat the process to the bottom half.
Repeat for all the eggs you have.
Let them dry and then gently pop each of them open.  Fill with candy, treats or notes or just leave empty!
Perfect for Easter decorations too!
Place them in a darling basket on the entry table...thread them to twine for a garland...or pull them out on Easter morning for the perfect egg hunt.
This is part of Craft Lightning Decopauge edition!

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