EggMazing Striped Easter Eggs DIY!

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EggMazing Striped Easter Eggs DIY!

I love simple crafts, although I've never really been fond of decorating eggs, not quite sure why.  However, this is my new favorite way to decorate an egg.  The EggMazing spinner is simple to use and works like a charm.  Create stunning eggs in ombres, stripes, rainbows and more using the EggMazing.  

The EggMazing spins the egg at a steady pace and you just need to add marker to it.  The best part is that it's perfect for all ages!  My nearly 72 year old dad made a couple eggs, as did my nearly 5 year old great for any age that you would give a marker to.

I bought this EggMazing spinner on Amazon, it's not sponsored or supplied to me.  I have included affiliate links though.

EggMazing Spinner

Using the EggMazing is a breeze.  Seriously, watch this video:

Simple, right!?  It's so fun! 

The Egg Mazing comes with the device and 8 markers.  You will need batteries and eggs.

I tested it out with fake plastic eggs, which were too light weight to stay well in the spinning cradle.  Hard cooked eggs work best.  Place the egg in the EggMazing opening.

Turn the EggMazing on with the sliding switch.  The egg will rotate evenly.  Press the marker to the egg and watch the color swirl.

Add additional colors.

Continue filling the eggs with gorgeous ombres, stripes and rainbows.  As the device spins the rubber wheels that turn can get ink on them.  There is instructions on how to clean them with the device...but I did not bother.

Once you are satisfied with the egg coloring, place in a basket and repeat for another egg!

Everyone in my family enjoyed coloring on an egg or two and have asked to do it again soon!

Create eggs with stripes, blends, ombres and rainbows.  Go in and decorate them further, using the stripes as the background too.  I love the stripes, they make my soul super happy!

This fun egg was made with just blue, red and yellow marker.  Awesome blends, right?

Again, get the EggMazing on Amazon--it's been worth it for us.

EggMazing Spinner

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