Chocolate Ganache Truffles Recipe Made 3 Ways

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Chocolate Ganache Truffles Recipe Made 3 Ways

Impress your holiday guests with these amazing ganache truffles.  Made 3 ways to look like an amazing variety--but just as simple as making one.  They are rich and decadent.  The roasted almond one is my favorite.  They are delightful!

Rolled in Cocoa powder, roasted almonds or mini chocolate chips...they look stunning and taste great.  I find that an Egg tray is the best way to display truffles!

First step is to Make Ganache...all the details on yesterday's post.  Check it out here.  Make the ganache and put it in an airtight container and store it in the fridge overnight.

Next step is to roast almonds.  They are so delicious and take an almond to a much better place.  Pour almonds on a baking sheet and bake at 350* for 15 minutes.  Stir them and bake again for 15 minutes.  Let them cool.

Crush up roasted almonds.  Place almond powder, cocoa powder and chips in separate bowls.

Now remove your ganache from the fridge.  It's smooth and creamy.

Now use a spoon and spoon out a little ball size, like a large marble.

Roll it into a ball in cold hands.  Then set on a plate.  Fill the plate with about 6 balls and set them back in the fridge.  Let them sit in the fridge while you roll another plates worth.  Then take out of the fridge and roll in the coating of your choice.

Looks phenomenal on a tray or in an egg dish!  Perfect for a holiday party or event.

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