101 Ways to Serve Others with Light the World Initiative! #LightTheWorld

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I am happy to take part in this Light the World initiative.  I was given a sneak peak and dinner as part of this campaign.  I will happily support any group whose mission it is to serve and love others.  Also, no affiliate links in this post. 

101 Ways to Serve Others with Light the World Initiative!
Light The World 2018!

This initiative is put on by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which I am a member.  I love it.  The church puts effort, money and advertising into encouraging people to serve others.  It is so wonderful to see the blessings that come when we chose to serve those around us.  Christmastime is my favorite time of year...not because of presents and Black Friday shopping...but because it is the time of year that people set aside differences, people are more caring, people think of their neighbors, we want to serve and give...I absolutely love the season of JOY.
I learned that we can have JOY during the holidays by first "J", thinking of Jesus, then "O", thinking of others...and finally "Y", thinking of yourself.  This formula is the way for a successful and joy filled holiday season.
Back in October, I had the opportunity to go the Influencer Meet-up campaign night with a few of my cute friends.  {That's me in the middle, if you can't tell...I've been aging.}  We ate a delightful dinner and dessert, then headed into the movie theater for the details and the movie Emma and Jane.  We had a super time and saw the campaign details first hand.   So the question is: "How will you be involved?"
There are resources, downloads and videos available at LightTheWorld.org/download

The Light the World campaign begins on December 1st, on Worldwide Service Day!

The 1st week, Light the World.  Focus on ways you can serve those in need globally.
Week 2: Light Your Community.  Find ways you can reach out and serve your community.
Week 3: Light Your Family.  Show love to those closest to you.
And finally Week 4: Light Your Faith.  Increase your own faith in Jesus Christ.
Sometimes service overwhelms me.  I feel like I don't have a lot of "extra" cash laying around to give others, although I'd love to.  I strain my brain trying to think of ways to serve without breaking the bank.  One memory I have in good old high school was a day that I was having a bad hair day.  I felt ugly and wanted to go home.  On my way to my last class, a cute boy (that I didn't know) smiled at me.  It made me so happy and made such a difference...that even 20 years later I am still telling that story!  A smile.  It was free.  It changed my life.  Who can I smile at today?  Has anyone's smile made a difference to you?

I've made a list of 101 Cheap or FREE ways that we can get involved and SERVE others.  When we give and serve, the JOY of the season is poured out upon us.  I promise you that as you serve others each day this month, you'll have an increase of personal happiness.   No affiliate links.  Printable Download at end of list:

101 Cheap or FREE Ways to Serve

1. Write a note to someone
2. Leave a note or treat for the mail carrier
3. Donate gently used toys and clothes to charity
4. Genuinely say thank you to someone
5. Put some motivational notes up in public restrooms or on mirrors
6. Play a game with someone
7. Leave a secret note for someone to find
8. Sing a song to brighten the day
9. Compliment someone you see today
10. Offer to baby-sit for free for someone
11. Make cookies for the neighbors
12. Smile at everyone you see today
13. Shovel or do yard work for a neighbor
14. Take a thankful note to a teacher
15. Help clean the house without being asked
16. Call a customer service number just to say thank you
17. Go on a walk and pick up litter
18. Make a list of 10 things you are thankful for
19. Write a note and leave it under someone's pillow
20. Give someone a hug
21. Message 3 people a genuine compliment
22. Call and chat with someone that might be lonely
23. Do a random act for someone in your house
24. Put your phone or media down
25. Tell a joke or make a pun
26. Do the dishes while singing link you are in a musical
27. Leave a nice comment on the internet
28. Do something to make someone smile
29. Do a small service for someone
30. Take a handmade card to a school
31. Make handmade cards for kids in the hospital (link for separate post and pictures)
32.  Download the “Just Serve” app and find local opportunities to serve
33. Volunteer with your city
34. Offer to drive some errands for someone
35. Take dinner to a family
36. Visit the lonely at a local senior center
37. Serve at a soup kitchen
38. Offer your talents and skills to others
39. Work with Habitat for Humanity and help build a home
40. Become a foster parent
41. “Heart Attack”--Tape heart shaped notes all over someone’s front door
42. Clean your local church
43. Play catch or have a snowball fight with a child
44. Tell your parents how much you love them
45. Read to children at the hospital, library or school
46. Tutor someone
47. Make your family members beds
48. Donate blood through the Red Cross
49. Keep your house clean
50. Bring hot chocolate to someone working outside
51. Read family history stories
52. Take photos of elderly neighbors and give them prints to send to their families
53. Help a young mother with laundry
54. Tie a fleece blanket for the hospital
55. Wash and clean a family or neighbor’s car
56. Organize a clothes drive in your area
57. Take homemade greeting cards to the prison, group homes or assisted living homes.
58. Give a manicure to an elderly woman
59. Sing at a hospital or nursing home
60. Collect favorite recipes from neighbors and compile a cookbook
61. Host a potluck dinner
62. Help someone moving in or out of your neighborhood
63. Give financial aid to someone that needs it
64. Clean the cemetery grounds
65. Ask an older woman to teach you a skill like knitting or crocheting
66. Volunteer at the animal shelter
67. Organize a bake sale for a local cause
68. Put on an event for adults and children with disabilities
69. Bring the local Fire Department a box of donuts
70. Foster an animal through PETA and ASPCA
71. Bring flowers to someone in need
72. Let someone go in front of you at the checkout line
73. Write letters to soldiers
74. Run/jog/walk in a charity race
75. Donate Christmas trees to nursing homes or families in need
76. Collect unused make-up for local abused women shelter
78. Sponsor a foreign exchange student
79. Coach a local youth sport team
80. Volunteer as a teen crisis counselor
81. Donate used children’s books to a school library
82. Volunteer to help with a religious group activity
83. Deliver groceries and meals to elderly neighbors
84. Plant a tree, or collect funds for a community garden
85. Collect old eyeglasses and donate them to the needy
86. Let someone cut in front of you in traffic
87. Volunteer at the local food bank
88. Collect baby clothes/supplies to deliver to new parents
89. Donate hygiene kits to the homeless shelter
90. Volunteer at the Police Station
91. Paint over graffiti in your neighborhood
92. Start or join a neighborhood watch program
93. Volunteer as a crossing guard
94. Teach computer or phone skills to an elderly person
95. Drive seniors to doctors appointments
96. Take a child Christmas shopping at the dollar store and let them pick something for the people in their family
97. Deliver cookies to a home bound elderly neighbor
98. Organize a winter clothes drive for the homeless shelter
99. Help organize or participate in a Secret Santa program
100. Host a game night with a couple neighbor families
101. Ding Dong Ditch the neighbors with cookies or small gifts

Print the full list here!

How will you #lighttheworld this holiday season?  What are ways that you like to serve?
Tell me in the comments service ideas you have so I can expand my list!

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Unknown said…
Great post! I too, have limited funds. I teach at a small, inner city Catholic school. This year I am using my talents to bring a smile to others. You know those "take someone's name and buy them the gifts they need?" projects that groups organize? Well, I am writing the names for the older kids in calligraphy. It will be small enough to fit in a plastic trading-card holder. This way kids get their name written beautifully just for them. I will do about 300 names. I love your list and ideas. Hope you don't mind if I print it out and share it in religion class.
Laura said…
Thank you for these! We are doing a service tree for our Christmas party and I needed ideas to put on the ornaments!