Unicorn Horn Tiara Light Up Headphones DIY Craft!

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 Unicorn Horn Tiara Light Up Headphones DIY Craft!
Unicorns are the best!  Upgrade these fun headphones to show off the magical Unicorn vibe.  This is a great craft for tweens and teens--and makes a great handmade gift!  I love this fabulous unicorn craft, it took 30 minutes to make!  It's basically a tiara for a modern day girl.

Have you noticed how often kids have things in their ears?  Haha, me too!  Let's get started!
 You will need:  (Amazon affiliate links)

Cat Ear Headphones

Gold Lamé fabric (about 8x8 inches)

Colored Felt

Poly-Fil Stuffing

Scissors, Hot glue/gun, Needle/thread, Sewing Machine

If you want a "no sew" version, use Liquid Stitch instead

These cat headphones are pretty cute...and they light up--but they can easily turn from cat into Unicorn!
Begin by cutting 2 pieces of lamé fabric, about 4x8 inches.  Then put the gold sides together and draw a triangle on the backside with chalk or pins.
Sew or use Liquid Stitch to sew the pieces together, then trim the edges make a tapered isosceles triangle shape.
Turn the Lamé right side out.  It's stretchy and super flashy!  Then stuff with poly-fil, use a pencil to push the stuffing right to the tip of the horn.
Then handstitch the bottom edge of the horn and place a piece of cardboard cut in a circle in the base.
Then pull the thread tight and tie off the thread with a knot.
Now cut felt flowers and leaves.  Cut scalloped edge circles about 4-5 inches in diameter.
Cut the flower like a spiral and hot glue it to form a flower.  Check out this post for more details on flower making.
Next, hot glue the horn right on top of the headphones!  Hold tight to the headband until the glue cools completely.  Then hot glue the flowers around the horn.
Super cute and ready to listen to some sweet music!  These are such a fun upgrade to headphones...this could be done to regular headphones (not cat ears), just add little felt Unicorn ears too.  But the light up effect of the ears is just so fun!
Trust me, you need this!
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