Unicorn Cactus Flower Planter Pots Craft/DIY

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 Unicorn Cactus Flower Planters Craft/DIY

Sleepy unicorns are the cutest, don't you think?  These adorable planters are easy to make and are great gifts or party favors.  Fill will live plants or faux cactus like mine--more details on them at the end of the post.  Easy to DIY in under an hour!  Would make a great birthday party favor for a bunch of creative little unicorn lovers!
 Barrel Cactus are super cool, round and totally spiny!  They can grown in clusters, like this barrel cactus pick.  Is there anything more adorable than a great cactus and unicorn together?  It's perfect harmony.  The soft and the prickly!
 Which of these cuties is your favorite?  I love the big one, but my most favorite is the one with the light pink flower on the bottom of the ladder...it's just so cute.

 Let's get started with this simple DIY

You will need:
White ceramic pots
Faux Cactus picks
Styrofoam balls to fit inside pots
Gold polymer clay
Black and Pink craft paint
White, pink, green, blue, purple felt
Scissors, hot glue/gun

 Plant the Cactus

Begin by putting a styrofoam ball in each pot.  If your styrofoam is too large, smoosh it down by rolling it on the table, compressing the cells.
 Add a little hot glue to the bottom of the styrofoam ball and stick it inside the pots.
 Then put a little hot glue on the top of the styrofoam and press some moss into it.  Next, stick the cactus pick into the styrofoam.

Make the Horns

Use the gold clay and roll it out until smooth.  If it feels stiff, hold in hand to warm up the clay for a few minutes, then roll again.
 Roll out a Unicorn horn about 3 inches long.  Insert a toothpick into the bottom.
 Repeat the horn making process for as many Unicorn planters as you are making!  Bake in the oven according to package directions, toothpick and all.  Then remove and let cool.
 You can get creative and add swirls of clay...and spray paint it for a very gold metallic finish!
While the horns are baking:

It's time to paint that cute sleepy face!

Use the black craft paint to paint U shaped eyes with 3 eyelashes.

Make Felt Flowers and Leaves! 

Cut spirals of colored felt about 3 inches wide.
 Use hot glue and roll the spiral from the outside arm to the center.
 Once rolled, add glue to the base and press down on the remaining felt.
 Creating a simple and darling rosette.
 Repeat for all the flowers you want to decorate with.
 Also cut some white ears if your planter doesn't already have the appearance of ears (like my little pots do)

Hot glue the ears on the side of the planter.
 Insert the gold Unicorn horn right into the styrofoam, front and center.
 Hot glue the felt flowers onto the planter around the horn to look like a crown.
 Same idea on the smaller pots.

Insert the horns into the styrofoam.
 Hot glue one little flower  and leaf on the moss and styrofoam right next to the horn.
 They are simple and cute!
  The flower gives the planter it's color, feel free to add as many flowers as you like!  Since our cactus is fake, you could even add them to the top of the cactus.
 I love the swirls of color in the clay horns, they are fabulous!
 These would make darling centerpieces for a birthday party.  Great for party favors or crafts for the kids to make!
If you are into fake plants, like me, Check out Museum Trees.  Super realistic, full size trees that are artificial--fun idea for parties, indoor ambiance or outdoors in the yard.  Perfect solution to care-free greenery in restaurants and other businesses.  Check them out on facebook too!
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Unknown said…
These are the cutest planets I've ever seen!!
Thank you for your tutorial!!