Merry Little Christmas Felt Holly Berry Wood Sign: Christmas in July!

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Merry Little Christmas Felt Holly Berry Wood Sign: Christmas in July!
Hope you've been following the Christmas in July projects this week.  It's winter in the southern hemisphere, so Yuletide or Yulefest is celebrated in many places...and I love to spend some time in July crafting for Christmas.  I get swamped in December and never get to all the projects I'd like I'm encouraging you to get a head start too!  This time with some home decor.
You will need:
Wood slat board
Freezer paper or vinyl
White Paint
Gray Wood stain
Felt in green
Felt balls in shades of pink or red
Hot glue/gun
Use an electronic cutting machine to cut this cute phrase.  Size it to the size of your slat sign.
Cut it out of vinyl or contact paper...I used freezer paper and it was hard.  I recommend using contact paper or vinyl as your stencil.  Nevertheless, I used freezer paper and it still worked.
Place the vinyl down on the wood slat sign.  If you are foolish and use freezer paper, you'll have to iron it onto your wood.
Including all those little pieces.
Then use a stencil brush or sponge and fill the open spaces with white paint.
Let it dry and remove the stencil.  The freezer paper I used stuck to the wood in places, so I had to use sand paper to remove it.  Lightly sand your paint so it is a little distressed.  I love how you can barely see it!
Then use a rag to apply the wood stain.  Mine is weathered gray.
Let it dry.  Cut pointy leaves out of green felt.  Plug in that hot glue gun.
Hot glue the leaves in place then hot glue the little berries over the top of the leaves. 
Now it's ready to hang and decorate for Christmas!  Or store in your seasonal storage until December.  Trust me, you'll be so glad you got a head start on your holidays!
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