Homemade Tiger's Blood Popsicles with Torani

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 Homemade Tiger's Blood Popsicles with Torani  (Giveaway at the end of post)
Summer time just screams for frozen treats!  We have popsicle breaks regularly around here.  I decided some homemade frozen treats were in order.  Tigers blood is my favorite, it's generally a strawberry/coconut blend...these amp it up a lot!
 Torani sent me these syrups: Strawberry, Coconut and Pineapple.
You will also need popsicle mold and sticks.
Mix one part water with one part Torani Syrup then fill the bottom third of the popsicle molds with the syrup mixture.
Cover with plastic wrap and freeze overnight.
Next day, mix up the Strawberry syrup and water and pour right over the top of the pineapple layer.  Cover with plastic wrap and insert popsicle sticks.  Freeze again for 8 hours.
After the Strawberry has frozen, finish off the mold with diluted coconut syrup.  Freeze one last time.
Pop out of the mold by simply dipping the bottom of the tray in some warm water for a minute to loosen the ice pops.  Serve immediately, they melt fast!  But they are DELICIOUS!
These are seriously the most yummy popsicles ever--my favorite!  Try it!
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Jen T said…
Those look so good! I'd use the syrup for snowcones!
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
I've been wanting to try these syrups! They sound really good. I've been wanting to try them in things like waffles and pancakes.
Michelle said…
I would make some coffee and use these syrups to flavor and sweenten it!
Sharon Aurora said…
The ice pops look good, but I think ice cream would be even better. Yum!
Crystal K. said…
I would make flavored coffee.
Sandra Watts said…
I like using Torani Syrups in my coffee.
Ali said…
I would make tasty Italian Sodas with these delicious syrups. I used blackberry today to add to my lemonade...yum!
LN said…
My imagination and taste buds are going wild! Thank you for the chance to win a year's supply of the syrups.
Unknown said…
I would make Slushies, Faux Pina Colattas, & all kinds of things.