How to Make a Wrist Corsage or Boutonniere with Fresh Flowers!

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Fresh flowers and satin ribbon in aqua made into a wrist bouquet.
 How to Make a Wrist Corsage or Boutonniere with Fresh Flowers!
Boutineer, Wrist Corsage, Corsage, Wrist Bouquet, Boutonniere--however you say it, this is how to make it.  Making your own floral arrangements can save you money and create a uniquely custom piece that you would have a hard time finding at a floral shop.  This technique is perfect for Prom, School Dances, Military Balls, Weddings, Mother's Day or any other fancy occasion that calls for it yourself instructions on how to make a floral arrangement for the wrist or lapel.
 The first thing you will need to do is acquire your flowers.  Local florists have the best prices on florals priced by the sprig.  Pick some greenery too, ferns, sprays, etc.  Get a sprig of baby's breath.  Pick about 3 to 5 fresh flowers depending on size.  Pick a carnation or 2, mums, or miniature roses...those are my favorite.  If you want these flower arrangements to last forever--or at least for a couple of wedding receptions, buy silk flowers and faux greenery for an equally stunning bouquet.

 Gather supplies:

Flowers and Greenery
8 inches of fold over elastic
12 inches of 5/8" satin ribbon (color of choice)
Lightweight cardboard/chipboard
Hobby knife
Hot Glue/gun
 Step one is to cut the cardboard into an oval.  The oval should measure about 2 inches long and 1.5 inch wide, does not have to be perfect.  Then cut 1 inch lines on each side of the longer side of the ovals.  Cut them about 1/4 inch in from the edge.
 Thread the elastic through the slits and hot glue them in place on one side.
 Measure the wrist.  Usually a wrist is around the 6-8 inches around.  You can take precise measurements to be sure and make the elastic about 1/2 inch smaller than wrist size, and glue it in place.  If you are unsure, just thread the other end of the elastic into the cardboard and leave it unglued, so it is adjustable...just use caution when pulling it tighter so the cardboard doesn't tear. 
 It looks like an especially simple watch.
 Step two: Clip the ferns and hot glue them on the cardboard.  The entire span of the flowers here is 7 inches across, this is a good distance up the arm and over the hand.  Make the side of the corsage that goes up the arm the fuller side.
 Next, add some sprigs of greenery.  Simply hot glue them right on the cardboard backing.
 Next add small sprigs of Baby's Breath and hot glue on top.
 In order to cover the center where all the hot glue is, this ribbon is the perfect solution.  Here's a detailed post on how to wrap this simple bow.  Just wrap the ribbon 3 times in a loop and hold in place.
 Gather the ribbon right up the center and wrap around the middle of the ribbon gather with thick thread.  Tie it tight and trim the strings.  Cut the ends of the ribbon to the desired length.
 Simple bow with 2 loops on each side.  Again, see my previous bow post for more detailed instructions.
 Hot glue the satin bow right on top of the center of the corsage, right where all the plants were glued on the cardboard.  Let the glue cool completely.
 Now for the big flowers.  Clip the ends of the flowers to about 1/2 to 1 inch long.
 Hot glue the longer stems under the bow and the shortest flower right on the center of the ribbon.  If you want to decorate with gems, buttons, rhinestones or other bling, now is the time to place it.
 Let it set completely and then slide it on the wrist!  It's stunning and ready to wear to a fancy night out.  The wonderful thing is that the flowers are secure and will last for at least 2 days before wilting.  Keeping it in the refrigerator is a good way to preserve it.  So save big money on your next formal event by making your own corsage!
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Here's some other floral alternatives!

If you are making a pin-on corsage for a woman, do the same steps as above, but just leave off the elastic.  Work on a piece of thin cardboard and it's simple to pin through later...or hot glue a magnet on the back of the cardboard and use another magnet to attach it through a shirt.

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