Recycled Craft: Cassette Tape Steampunk Necklace!

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 Recycled Craft: Cassette Tape Steampunk Necklace!
Do you remember cassettes?  My kids will never know the many subtleties of the cassette.  Winding with a pencil...glitches and skipping...and turning over!  Haha!  I'm old school.
This is a fun and easy DIY for older kids that want to make a statement necklace.
My daughter wore this to an activity recently and received loads of compliments from anyone that recognized that it was a cassette.  Funny how obsolete they've become.
 You will need:
Cassette Tape (maybe an old game cartridge or other obsolete tech)
Copper Spray Paint
Gears, cogs, etc
E6000 glue
 Spray the cassette tape with copper paint.  This would also make a great trophy for a party...especially a "Blast from the Past" type party...just a thought.
 After it is completely dry, use E6000 to attach decorative gears and cogs.
 Let it dry completely.
 Now cut a piece of chain, mine is 28 inches of copper.
Use pliers and a jump ring to secure it.  Just insert the chain in one of the many holes on the cassette.
 Now it's ready to take out on the town!
Wear it to school and impress old people!
 It has a fun steampunk/punk vibe!  I love it!
Easy to DIY and would be a fun party craft too!
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