How to Sew Scrunchies 1980's Throwback!

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 How to Sew Scrunchies 1980's Throwback!
I loved the scrunchie trend and it's coming back.  I saw some scrunchies for sale at the dollar store.  It brought me back to my youth.  I loved making my own scrunchies.  My mom let me use the sewing machine and had all the supplies I needed.  I made bunches!  Were you into the scrunchie trend?  Did you ever make your own?
 Since they are back in the lime light, let me show you how to make your own scrunchies and what I learned as a 12 year old girl.  My favorite scrunchies were ones that the fabric had some stretch to it.  It's not necessary, but I love it.
You will need:
I am using gold lame fabric
5 by 18" fabric
4 by 14" fabric
(both made the same but different fabric look)
8.5 inches of 1/4 inch elastic
Sewing machine
 Cut the fabric the desired size.  I like the fuller, more fabric look...but both sizes make great scrunchies.  I used a cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter to cut mine down to size.
 Fold the fabric in half with the "right" sides inside and not showing.
 Sew a subtle zig zag stitch while pulling gently down the edge of the fabric tube.  Backstitch the beginning and end.
 Cut the threads and then flip the tube right side out.
 Put the 8.5 inches of elastic in the bodkin (or use a safety pin)
 Thread it through the tube and hold onto both ends of the elastic.
 Put the ends of the elastic together and tie them in a knot.
 Pull it tight and then let the fabric cover the knot.
 Overlap one layer over the other and tuck the ends under.  Pin in place.
 Then sew a straight stitch right over that junction to keep it in place.
 Perfect for that radical 80's side ponytail!
 Make them out of old tee shirts for some fun nostalgia!  Great simple sewing project for teens!
Did you wear scrunchies?  Did you ever make your own?
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