Paper Glitter Disco Ball DIY

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Paper Glitter Disco Ball DIY
I love paper decor and it's so simple to make.  These hanging disco balls are perfect for any party or fun occasion. 

You will need:
Straight pins
Metallic Glitter paper
Styrofoam balls
Circle paper punch
Hot Glue/gun
Begin by punching circles, these gold ones are 1 inch...punch a bunch of them!
It is surprising how many of these little circles you'll need.
Begin by poking a pin through a punched circle and stick it right into the ball.
Continue by adding layers and layers of circles.
Hot glue can be used instead of pins, if desired.
Keep going, adding layers and layers of gold glittery circles.
I love the sparkle on the glitter paper.
Finish it off so it's entirely covered in glitter paper!
Hot glue a ribbon loop on the top and then stick a couple pins in it while the hot glue is warm.  Let it cool completely and it's ready to hang.
Repeat as often as you like!  Use different size punches and different size styrofoam balls!
Hang up and enjoy!  Shine some lights on them and they sparkle just like a flashy disco ball!
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