8 Super Tedious Crafts Round-Up!

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8 Super Tedious Crafts Round-Up!
Are you up for a craft that will make you pull out your hair?
Do you just love starting projects and then putting them away until you get brave again--or giving up on them completely?
Do you love projects that end up costing you much more money than you expected?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, these following 8 projects are for you!
These are the most tedious projects I've finished...and lived to tell the tale!
(This does not include the millions of projects that were tedious and ended in horrible failure)
You've been warned.
Back out now.
Don't read ahead.
Seriously, it's brutal.

This skirt is amazing and fun...but tedious.  First off, you need a bunch of ties!  Up at the top where they are stitched together for the waist, they are only an inch wide...so you need as many ties as you are inches around.  For me (at the time, hahaha) I needed 34.  34 ties is a bunch!  I've had some friends say they want to make one and they will just go buy some ties from the thrift store...um, ties at the thrift store where I live are like 2-5 bucks each!  That would be a $70+ skirt.  So hold a tie drive.  Ask every man you know to donate a tie to the cause.  See, tedious--and amazing!
Upcycle Tie Skirt

One of my favorite projects of all time is the Antrhopologie knock-off of the Teapot Lamp.  I love the Mad Hatter vibe.  I made a dozen of these lamps and got really good at it.  The tedious part is collecting the teaware, is that a word?  I scoured yard sales and thrift stores with my sister in law and partner in crime.  Each piece was between .33 cents to $6.  I paid top dollar for this adorable tea pot on this lamp.  So the stacks add up, all that drilling through ceramics...and if you make a dozen of them...it gets tedious!
Teapot Lamps

Behold, the claw foot chair.  I bought this for $5 with the intention of recovering the chair and enjoying it for eternity.  In reality it sat in my garage for a year.  If you are going to reupholster furniture, you better love it because it really is a labor of love.  It is tedious and hard work.  Removing the old fabric is a nightmare!  I think that at furniture factories, they get bonus points for all the extra staples they add in.  Sheesh!  So many staples to remove.  I quickly covered this chair and sold it before we moved, because I did not want it haunting me from the garage for ever more.
Upholstered Claw Foot Chair

This project is super cool and fun to do...but can be a nightmare too!  I used frisket, and one wrong move and it's going to lift completely off before you are ready!
USA Watercolor

Folded ribbon flowers are stunning and elaborate...and oh, so time consuming!

I made this terrarium because I was too cheap to buy a glass one.  It was so much work, frustration and I nearly gave up and aborted the plan mid way.  Did I mention what it's made of?  Check it out:
Geometric Terrarium

These flowers are beautiful and larger than life.  They used loads of paper and took days.  I seriously sat for days making these:
Flower backdrop

Absolutely most tedious craft to date!  This project started as a "let's all work on this together really quick" kind of thing...to a "oh my heck, we have to finish this because we've already put so much time into it" kind of thing.  Ugh, I would not wish this project on anyone, prisons are less cruel.
Rolled Paper Frame

Consider yourself warned.  These projects are the things of nightmares!
(Bwah-ha-ha-ha)  *evil cackle

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Xayide2 said…
This was the tedious one for us


And the king sized quilt. But at least that one had enough different steps. Folding paper over and over again, really tedious.