Lego Toy Train Christmas Tree Ornament DIY!

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 Lego Toy Train Christmas Tree Ornament DIY!
Decorate your Christmas tree with handmade ornaments, like this darling toy train.  My grandpa Sperry, my mom's dad, was a train collector.  About 10 years before he died, he donated his Pre-WW1 train collection to Lagoon, a local amusement park Pioneer Village, sort of an old fashioned western street with old buildings featuring vintage items.  The last building at the end of the road is The David E. Sperry Train Museum, dedicated to my grandpa, housing all his old trains, worth millions.  What a great heritage to have them all in one place and not sold off after he died.  I love this memory.  So this little Toy Train is dedicated to my grandpa.  I love to see it hanging on my tree.
It's very easy to make, let's get started.
 Dig through your Lego collection and see if you have pieces that will work, check out's Pick-a-Brick section for the pieces you can't find in your stash.
Here's the pieces you will need:
Plate 2x6 (white)
Plate 2x2 (in white, red and green)
Two: 3x1 brick (red)
Roof Tile 2x2 Slope 45* (green)
Brick 2x2 w. Bow and Knobs (black or white)
String with End Studs
2x2 brick Wheels
1x1 cone (white)
 First, place the 2x2 wheels on the white 2x6 plate.
 Now, place the second wheel piece right next to the first.
 Next put the 2 1x3 bricks on top of the black wheels.
 Place the green sloped piece on the front, on the white plate piece.
In like manner, place the half barrel black piece (bows and knobs) on top of the 2 green studs and the 2 black wheel studs.
 Place the 2x2 green plate on the top of the red pieces.
 Stack the white 2x2 plate on top of the green.
 Next put the red 2x2 plate on top of the white.
Now put the cone on the front of the black barrel piece.
 Stick the flame inside the cone smoke stack.
 Finally, attach the studs to the back of the train to make the perfect way to hang from the tree!
 Enjoy your 100% Lego train Christmas tree ornament!  Lego ornaments would be adorable on a mini tree or the tree the kids get to decorate.  Kids are so creative and this is a perfect craft for them...maybe when they have some time off from school!
 I love how it looks on my gold sparkly tree!  It does remind me of my amazing grandpa and his love of trains.  Share this post with a Lego fan or Train lover!
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