DIY: How To Marble Christmas Ornaments

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DIY: How To Marble Christmas Ornaments

I love marbling.  Have you jumped on the marbling train yet?  It is an especially addictive craft that manages to amaze and surprise each time!  This is a great technique for lots of crafts, but looks amazing as ornaments...I have more marble inspiration at the end of the post!
Supplies needed:
Easy Marble Starter Kit

Easy Marble in Gold

Easy Marble in Silver

Unbreakable Ornaments
Plastic Cup of water
Straight pin
Paper Towel
Disposable gloves
Acetone to clean up
Parchment paper
Fill the cup with water, leaving at least a half inch at the top.  Open all the jars of Easy Marble that you are planning on using.  The paint sets quickly, so once you start the dripping, you won't want to spend time opening the jars.  Then fill the top of the water surface with drips of paint.
Next, use the straight pin to stir, swirl and shape the paint.
Once satisfied with the swirling, get the ornament ready for dipping.
Best option is to wear gloves...but here goes.  Hold on to the top of the ornament.
And just like that, dip it in the cup!  
Completely immerse the ornament and wait just a minute.
Then remove the ornament from the water and let it dry by placing on some parchment paper or other non stick surface.
The next part is the hardest!  Waiting for the paint to dry!  Once it's dry hot glue a metallic bow on top and add a hook, fabricated from a paper clip!
The patterns are all so different, but so vivid and bright!  

As if that wasn't easy enough to comprehend, I'll show you in video!
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Oh I just added a new thing I want to try to my ever growing list!😉 I have always loved marbling but haven't really attempted it I'm chomping at the bit to give it a try. Love those ornaments, but also that journal you did and your stationary.

Thanks for the inspiration! And glad to be the #CreativeChristmas Challenge with you!

Have a great weekend.

Such a fun project! I'd love to try this with my kids.
Unknown said…
These are stunning... and now I totally want to marble all the things!!
Unknown said…
These are adorable!!!
These are great and would make really awesome gifts! I've never seen that marble kit you linked before - it looks like it really makes this project super simple!
Mary Beth said…
Absolutely beautiful! The colors are so rich and vibrant.
Clever! I'll need to try this!
Unknown said…
These are so neat! I also love all of the other marbling ideas you shared too- I'll definitely be back to check those out!
These are just beautiful and what a fun project! Love them and all the other marble ideas as well! So many possibilities!
Unknown said…
This is such a fun project!! It would be fun to do with the kiddos
Jane and Sonja said…
These are gorgeous! Love that each is truly one-of-a-kind. Thank you for sharing the idea.
toni1965 said…
These are seriously awesome and I need to head to the craft store and look for that paint. I can imagine so many thinks dipped in that marble paint, the ornaments are gorgeous!