Doctor Who Week Starry Night Tardis Painting

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 Doctor Who Week Starry Night Tardis Painting
I love the episode with Amy Pond and Doctor 11, Vincent and the Doctor.  I love the story of Vincent VanGogh, even though it's makes me happy. 
 I received this artist reproduction oil painting of Starry Night.  It's so cool and has thick chunky oil paint all over it in blotchy brush strokes. 
 I decided to geek it up a I got this silhouette file of the Tardis.
 I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 to cut the outline out of watercolor paper.  Set it to posterboard and it worked great.
 I used acrylic paint because I have so much of it.  I picked 4 shades of blue, 2 whites and 2 yellows.
 I used painters tape to tape it directly to the table and painted the whole tardis (minus windows, sign and light) blue.
 After it's all blue, start adding different shades here and there.
 Make it really thick and goopy, long lines and brush strokes.
Then let the blue dry completely.
 Next add white on the windows, sign and light on top.  Add some yellow and ocher to the top.
 Let it dry.
Then I used simple painters tape to adhere it to my painting.  I wanted to be able to remove it if possible, since it is so cool...but dress it up a bit for a geek chic painting!
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