Buffalo Plaid Scarf Wreath DIY

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Buffalo Plaid Scarf Wreath DIY
This super chic scarf wreath is so easy to make--and is a fantastic wreath for all Winter!  It takes less than 15 minutes and costs $4 from goodies found at Dollar Tree.
You will need:

2 Zip Ties
Let's do this!

Watch the video, it's just 2 minutes and is only sped up in the middle.  It took me 4 minutes from start to finish to do this wreath, so 15 minutes should be plenty of time.
Take the fringe scarf and wrap it around the willow wreath form about 5 times.  It is not long enough to go all the way around my wreath, but if you buy a smaller form, you can tie it together.
I used 2 zip ties to hold the scarf tightly in place.  Place the zip ties on loosely.  Then put the gold glittery branch between the zip tie and the scarf.
Then simply clip the adorable little cardinal branch cluster onto the zip tie and pull the zip tie tight.
Clip the ends of the zip ties and hang up on the front door or wall!
Seriously, wasn't that easy!?  There is a lot of varieties of branches and picks at Dollar Tree, so you can customize it anyway you like it!
Perfect for the entire winter!  I love the scarf with the fancy fringe and the fact that this needed no glue or adhesive of any kind!  Plus, after living in North Carolina for a year, I love cardinals.  To see a bird so bright and red is a joy. 
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