My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Party!

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Party!
Any time is the perfect time for a Pony Party!
We are getting so excited for the new My Little Pony Movie out on October 6th!

This pony party was easy to put together!
This is all stuff we had on hand, made ourselves or got from Oriental Trading.
Here's what we used:
Paper Flower Wall Backdrop DIY
Paper Tassel Garland
Jumbo Lollipops
Rainbow Lollipops
Gummy Bears
Small Trifle Containers
Diamond Cases
Chocolate Caramel Balls
Various My Little Pony Toys
and our fun Cinema Light Box

With tassels on the table, cake stands and lots of cute ponies!
We love these vinyl ponies.
Love this Doctor Hooves Pony

And Daring Do

And this fun Discord vinyl

Super simple and fun party!
Served up cheap pizza, soda and lots of candy--plus cupcakes!

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