Mother's Birthstone Necklace DIY!

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I received these beads from Fire Mountain Gems
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Mother's Birthstone Necklace DIY!
These are darling necklaces and easy to make.  They are perfect with just 3 beads for any day of the week...but make them extra special for the women in your life by giving them a special faceted beaded "gemstone" for each of their children!  So cute and easy!
Gold 2" eye pins
Gold chain
2+ jump rings
You'll also need a 12mm bead in each gemstone color for the month's the kids are born.
I have 3 kiddo's so I got a Pearl, Diamond and Sapphire...June, April and September.
Here's the list of months with coordinating 12mm beads:
 January: Garnet
February: Amethyst
March: Aquamarine
April: Diamond
May: Emerald
June: Pearl
July: Ruby
August: Peridot
September: Sapphire
October: Pink Tourmaline
November: Topaz
December: Tanzanite

I also made this graphic so you know how to make more or less than just a 3 kiddo necklace:
 Pick out your desired beads and a eye pin.  All 3 of my beads fit on one, but the eye pins are easy to cut if you only have 1 or 2 beads on it.  If you are using 4 beads, use 2 eye pins and hook them together with a jump ring.  If you jump to 5, use 3 eye pins, bead them like the graphic above.
Slide the beads on the eyepin.  I started with my oldest child, middle and youngest.
 Then use round jewelry pliers to loop the other end of the eye pin to match.
 Next you will need chain and the jump rings.  I love a 27 inch chain.
It's perfect for getting around my head and hangs in the right place.
 Cut the chain to the desired length.  Then hook the chain to the eye pins with the jump rings and pliers.
 And just like magic, it's done!
 Looks adorable and is the perfect subtle statement piece!
 3 beaded necklaces are fun even if they aren't a mother's necklace!
Try it with 3 identical beads too!  They are simple and classy with just a hint of bling.
Like these Turquoise beads
and these Malachite beads

I love love love these Blue Goldstone Beads!
They look like tiny galaxies...such a cool piece!
These teal blue iris beads are super classy too! 
  Easy and perfect--Great handmade gift idea!
How many beads would your necklace have?  What gemstones?
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