Rhinestone Baby Headbands!

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Rhinestone Baby Headbands!
These are the cutest for little bald babies!
When I was raising my daughter, things like this weren't a thing.
All I could do was stick a bow to the top of her head.
She was still the cutest thing ever though.
Now that she is 13 years old...I've missed the boat with these little elastic headbands.
But I can make them for my darling little nieces.
You will need:

Fold over Elastic 5/8" size

And Rhinestone Sliders
There are so many styles and options.
Trouble is, they come in bulk!

You will also need a hot glue gun.
Baby newborn heads are about 13-14" around.
I generally make my headbands 16 inches.
The elastic stretches and allows for room to grow.
This would typically fit a baby about a year and up.
But if you have a baby, just measure it right to their head.
Measure the length of the slider.
Subtract it from the number of inches your desired headband will be.
Then cut the elastic the remaining length.
Thread the end of the elastic through the slider.
Add some hot glue to the end 1/4 inch.
Fold it over and press onto the elastic on the other side.
Let cool.  Repeat for the other side.
It is now 1/2 inch shorter than the measured size, and will fit with a little
snugness on the baby head!
If your slider is like the heart one below,
It just need the elastic threaded through it and hot glued together.
Then enjoy the cuteness on that little baby!

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