Desk Organizer Note Station!

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 Desk Organizer Note Station!
This is such a fun and simple craft to organize your office space!
 Simple to make and easy to personalize!
Holds a pad of post-it notes and a pom-pom ribbon to hold the pen.
Easy and convenient all in one place.

You'll need a plastic picture frame...mine is 4 by 6.
You might already have one sitting around!
You'll also need:
sticky notes
pom-pom trim or rick rack
hot glue/gun
4X6 piece of paper
 I inserted a piece of silver embossed paper in the frame.
Then add hot glue to the back of the posty notes.
 Glue it right to the frame.
 Then get a piece of pom-pom trim and cut it to fit the frame.
 Hot glue it straight across above the notes.
 For the perfect resting place for a fun pen!
 Makes a great gift idea too!
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