Iron Pyrite Fool's Gold Rock Wire Wrapped Necklace!

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Iron Pyrite Fool's Gold Rock Wire Wrapped Necklace!
This is a super fun, mixed-metallics jewelry piece!
I love fool's gold.  It's so sparkly and pretty...and much more useful to me than gold.
You will need:
Chain necklace
Iron Pyrite

Take 18 inches of wire and find the center.
Make a loop in the center and twist it a couple times.
Then place it at the top of the fool's gold and wrap the wire tightly down the sides.
Cross and twist them at the base of the gold.
Then wrap the wires back up to the top of the pendant.
Bring the wires together and wrap them around the top of the fools gold over and over.
Tuck the ends back up inside the wire.
Just a fun swirl of wire holds the fool's gold right in place!
Add a chain and enjoy!
Great for a gift, everyone loves wearing natural elements!
I love the gold, copper and the fool's gold together.
If you don't love the mixed metals, make yours match!
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