Fluffy Frog Eye Slime Recipe with Pros and Cons!

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Fluffy Slime Recipe with Pros and Cons!
We love playing with slime.  It has such a fun texture and properties.
I love that it melts in your hand if you hold still and becomes solid when played with.
This fluffy slime with little styrofoam balls in it is fun but has some cons too.
 First make the slime:
1 cup white glue
1 cup warm water
Food coloring
(mix 3 ingredients well)
1/2 cup warm water with 2 teaspoons of borax
(or 8 to 10 teaspoons of liquid starch)
Then add to the glue
 The white glue will make the color very pastel, so add more drops for a more vivid color.
 Then add in the borax or liquid starch.
Mix the glue, it will become stringy and gooey.
 Get your hands in there and mix it together.
Squeeze and squish until the water has completely mixed in with the glue.
 Next we dumped in a big bag of stryofoam balls from Floracraft Make it: Fun Crafts
(got these free from SNAP conference in April)
 It is fun and fluffy and slimy!
We all know it's fun to play with...but I only let my kids play with slime outside.
It is just too risky indoors...if this stuff gets dropped on the floor it sticks to carpet.
So that's the biggest downside, it could be a disaster if it spilled indoors.
It just works better outside.
 I give each of the kids a paper plate and a blob of slime and let them at it.
 Here's another con of this slime...while playing with it, any pulling or popping it apart causes these little balls to fly out!  It made a mess in our front garden.  It has fun qualities and makes a fun pop when pulled apart.  But you know, some clean up.
 Fun to make, great outdoor craft for summer!
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