Crafty Book Review for Summer Fun!

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I love craft books.
Now that it's July, everyone is out of school...right?
Some kids have been out of school for a full month!  So you might feel like it's time to call in some reinforcements!  This is the perfect time of year for craft books.  These books are perfect for a large range of ages and offer fun ideas for summer downtime.  They aren't text books and they help kids be it!
Here they are in no particular order:

This is a favorite medium of mine.  I have been painting rocks since I was a child.  I love this book.  It's got all levels of rock painting.  Start with dots and work your way to real art!  So fun.

Here's a great sample of how fun the entire book is!  I love the simple stripes and simple patterns and dots to create the coolest, most complex looking rock!  Fun ideas to transfer to canvas too!

Perfectly Mindful Origami
The Origami Garden
I love paper folding.  You can make an entire paper garden with this fun book!

Little Loom Weaving
Macrame and weaving is all the rage and this book teaches you how to do a bunch of different styles!  Great for home decor or summer camp!

This one looks awesome to me!  It's weaving around a natural branch with a fork.  Such a fun craft idea.  Great weaving introduction for tweens and teens--maybe even a great camping craft!

Cut & Create Paper Mosaics
This book is an activity book!  It comes with patterns and paper for all the fun mosaics you can handle!  Fun for older kids that can use scissors!

The book unfolds with instructions and a pocket full of the templates and backgrounds.

Drawing Calm
I love calm abstract art.  These are real artist inspired designs and fun ways to unwind!
Move over coloring book, this is the new thing.

Simple and fun.  I love painting with watercolors, this one is so fun and peaceful.

Hand Lettering A to Z
You know I love hand lettering!
This book is a great book for teaching a bunch of lettering styles and fonts.  Great for anyone that wants to learn or play with lettering.  Great for older kids that love penmanship!

Lots of written out alphabet exemplars for easy to learn styles.  I love this!

Stick it to' Em:
Playful stickers to color and create
What kid (or adult) doesn't just love stickers!?
This is a fun sticker book filled with full color stickers and white stickers so you can color them yourself!  Fun for adding custom touches to cards, school supplies and more!

Once Upon a Piece of Paper
This is a fun book for collages!  Need something a little more fun than just a coloring book.  This is it!  Great for paper piecing, mixed media and collage work.  Fun for kids to explore other types of art!

Book contains all the info on the fun techniques and a huge pad of patterned paper so there is no extra stuff to get started!  Love this for creative children!  Ripping, cutting and piecing paper.

The Art of Paper Flowers
I love paper flowers.  Check my "paper crafting" tab for all the details.  I love this book.  All the templates needed for each and every variety of flower.  So fun.  Great for people like me that are allergic to flowers!

So many varieties, these are so fun!

Hope you are newly inspired by all these fun books!
Check them out and get crafty!

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