Floral Faux Raglan Sleeve Shirt Upcycle!

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 Floral Faux Raglan Sleeve Shirt Upcycle!
I got this simple black shirt from the dollar store--I love getting shirts for $1!
I also had some leftover floral knit from another project.
 I used scissors and cut the black sleeves off completely.
 So it looks like a muscle shirt.
 Then I used the black sleeves as a pattern for the floral sleeve.
I made them a little bit longer but took advantage of that already seamed edge!
 Cut 2.
Fold them so the right sides are on the inside.
 Then sew the bottom edge on each sleeve.
 They are going to look awesome!
 Okay, sleeves can be tricky.
Turn the sleeve right side out and the shirt inside out.
Place the entire sleeve inside the shirt, so the seamed edge is way inside.
Then line up the armpit seams of the shirt and the sleeve together.
Start sewing at that seam and all around the sleeve opening.
Use a slight zig zag stitch, that will give a good seam that will allow stretch.
 Then pull the sleeve out!
If you did it right then the right sides will be on the inside and the wrong
 sides will be showing--complete with seams.
 Repeat for the other sleeve and turn it all right side out!
 I love how it instantly transforms a plain black tee shirt into a statement shirt!
Simple upcycle!
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