Salty Air Sandy Hair: Wood Slat Beach Door Sign!

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 Salty Air Sandy Hair: Wood Slat Beach Door Sign!
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 I love slat signs.  I love hand lettering.  I love blue.
I love the beach.  I love salt and sand in my hair.  I love the smell of the ocean.
I love the sunshine and sparkling seas.
I love the bubbles that get trapped in the sand.
I would rather spend a day at the beach over any other vacation known to man.
(dreaming of this day at Cocoa Beach 3 years ago)
What can you do if there is no beach around?
Make a beach sign.
Using fabulous Coastal paints!
They are like paints with grit in them, they are thick and sandy and weather perfectly.
I got this wood slat sign and Coastal Paints in 4 colors.
I used all four colors.
The paint is thick and creamy.
It has a grit to it as well.
I like the ombre look with all the shades of blue.
After it dried completely,
I sanded the edges.
Using a nail file!
Then got this big wood heart and painted it ivory.
 Then I added water to some of the aqua paint and used a small brush to hand letter on the sign.
 The water gives it a light and dark look.
 Salty Air, Sandy Hair.
 Then added some flowers in the other Coastal colors.
 Looks fabulous!
 Hot glue it to the slat sign and hang on the door, beach house
or in the nautical themed guest or rest room!

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gmanshk said…
I love the colors that you used. The sign looks amazing. I was blown away when I saw that you hand lettered the sign!!! thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
This looks so awesome! Where is the paint from I can't seem to find it.
charo said…

Por favor podías traducir en español???

No me entero de nada y me gusta lo qué haces.
Gracias y saludos
Doodlecraft said…
Aire salado, cabello arenoso. Cómo hacer un letrero de listones de madera