DIY: Sea Glass Fishing Float Succulent Planter

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 DIY: Sea Glass Fishing Float Succulent Planter
This is something I wanted to do for a while...and Pirate week seemed the perfect opportunity!
Since Pirates of the Caribbean the 5th is coming out in a couple weeks,
I'm doing Pirate crafts all week...skip back and check out the latest 3 posts for more fun ideas.
 Sea glass is such a fascinating thing.
It's basically broken glass that should have been recycled, that ended up in the ocean.  The churning and moving of the sea has turned into smooth, rounded pieces of colored glass.  The process takes 20-30 years and it's just found scattered along the beaches.
I love the idea of it...but don't live near a beach to collect it.
So what to do?
 Paint it!
I got some Krylon Sea Glass spray paint in aqua from the mart and a small glass
 bowl from the dollar store.  Then gently misted just the outside and let it dry.
 Once dry you'll also need some jute twine.
 Cut four 4 foot pieces.
 Tie them in a knot in the center.
 Then tie of pairs about one inch from the center knot.
 So you will have 4 little knots.
 Then take one piece of jute from one tail and one from the section next to it...
 And tie them off.
 Then repeat, making the knots a little further away,
this way the rope macrame will fit around the bowl.
 Place the bowl on the knot and check the fit as you go.
Then repeat the next layer of knots.

 It looks like a jumble, but keep going!
 Once the knots cover the bowl, you are done tying!

Place a dot of hot glue on the base of the bowl and glue the big knot in place,
this will keep it from shifting.
 Loop the top of the twine over itself and add a big glob of hot glue.
 Then wrap a piece of twine right over it, pulling it tight.

Then tie it off and hot glue the knot in place.
 Looks awesome, right!?
Leave it just like this as a decor piece...
 Or fill with pebbles, soil and succulents!
 Great for an outside hanging planter, or inside.
I love the nautical feel of the sea glass look!
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Come back tomorrow for one more amazing Pirate craft!

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