Mini Leather Book Binding and Necklace!

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Mini Leather Book Necklace!
This is perfect for this Beauty and the Beast week!
I love mini books.
What book do you think Belle is reading?
Internet speculation thinks either Aladdin or Sleeping Beauty...what do you think?
Lots of people think Aladdin because it was the next animated movie that Disney released.
And the "Prince in disguise" thing...
I made these into 2 necklaces, so they can be worn stacked or individually.
Here's a video of the process...following step by step pictures!

You could actually use these as little journals!
You'll need:
12 mini sheets of paper (2 by 1.5 inches)
Thick needle and thread
pin or small awl
Piece of leather scrap, about 1/8th inch taller and wider than the paper
Rubber cement
Take 6 pieces of paper and fold them in half.
Poke the pin or awl through the crease about 1/2 inch from each edge.
Like this.
Thread the needle with the thread.
Poke from the outside of the crease to the inside of the fold.
And back through the other hole.
Then go through the next stack of papers, the matching hole,
then back through the other.
Tie a nice square knot.
Perfect pages!
Repeat as many times as you want!
Next you will need the leather piece for the cover and the rubber cement.
The spine of a book needs to have space to allow for opening, so practice by wrapping the
leather around the paper and make sure there is enough leather to open it.
Put some rubber cement on the front and back piece of paper.
And just on the 2 sides of the leather.
No glue on the spine area.
Let the glue dry.
Then place the paper down on the leather.
Press gently.
Fold the leather over and match it on the other side.
Leaving the gap on the spine.
Then repeat!
Next for the necklace you will need:
Gold Chain
(I love a 27 inch chain...the short one is 16 inches)
Gold jump rings
jewelry pliers
and perhaps a tassel
(all of these are available on Oriental Trading's jewelry making section)
Use the awl to poke a hole through the spine of a book,
just about 1/8th inch from the edge.
Use the pliers and attach a jump ring.
Repeat on both sides.
Add a tassel or charm if you want!
Then add the chain and use a jump ring to secure the ends together.
Attach more books or attach a little pencil!
Fill them to your hearts content!
Wear them stacked or separate!
 "With her nose stuck in a book!"
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Check back for more fun Beauty and the Beast crafts!

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Xayide2 said…
Well the picture title in Belle's book says "The Prince Charming" (in french of course).