Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose in Cloche DIY

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Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose in Cloche DIY
Isn't it darling!?
I'm doing a whole week dedicated to Beauty and the Beast!
I have crafts, treats and a full blown party!  Come back each day this week!
For now, this gorgeous enchanted rose.
We all know this magical rose is the countdown
for the beast to get someone to fall in love with him.
I always loved this levitating rose covered with a bell cloche.
 The west wing is forbidden Belle!
This is the perfect piece for a Beauty and the Beast party.
Great for a centerpiece too!
Here's what you'll need to create this bell cloche.
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novelties, toys and weddings!

Silk Rose
Crystal Knob
Fishing line
 I used a hack saw to gently cut the pedestal off the bowl.
 It is plastic and can scratch easily, so be careful.
Setting it on a cloth is a better choice that what I did.
 Once removed, sand the top of the bell gently to make it smooth.
Then use the E6000 to glue the crystal knob right on top of the bell.

I love these round crystal knobs!
 Just a dab, right on the knob.
Then set on top of the plastic cloche.
 Let it dry completely.
 Super sparkly and cool looking!
Next you will need about 6 inches of fishing line and a silk rose.
 Pop the rose off the stem and thread the fishing line through the stem.
It's so easy and just comes out the middle of the petals.
 Then push the stem back in to hold the line in place.
 It needs to dangle high enough to look enchanted, like it's floating in mid air.
Pull the fishing line down so there is about 2 inches of line above the rose.
Add a dot of hot glue at the top of the fishing line.
 Press it to the top of the inside of the plastic cloche.
The knob covers this from the outside.
Let it cool and press it gently with your finger to make sure it is adhered to the jar.
 Looks great!
 Place in the sunlight to adore the crystal knob and the
enchanted flower!
 If you were setting this on a table, you could add a couple of silk
rose petals on the table as well.
He is running out of time!
Come back all week for more fun Beauty and the Beast DIY's and a party on Friday!

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