Update Old Frames with Liquid Leaf Gilding!

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 Update Old Frames with Liquid Leaf Gilding!
I bought this old green frame at the thrift store for a dollar.
I love the shape and the fun design border...but so drab.
 I used Peacock blue paint from Waverly
It's the same paint I used to paint my side door in this post:

I used a flat brush and painted over all the green.
 And over the design a little.  I love the look of teal and copper together.

Next, I used Liquid Leaf from Plaid Crafts
It's like liquid gold, or copper in this case!
 Use a small paintbrush and paint the inside border copper.
 It's fine if the teal peeks through.
 I love the combination!
 I touched up the edges with a bit of copper too.
 I bought a second frame for fifty cents.
It's a light weight metal frame...and gold.

But slightly dingy.
 I used Liquid Leaf, this time in gold
and painted all around the border.
This adds a rich thickness and fresh look.
 Then let it dry completely.
It looks fabulous.
The new gold gilding gives it just the right amount of richness!

I love updating old things with fresh paint from Plaid Crafts!

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