Crystal Cluster Light DIY

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Crystal Cluster Light DIY
You can make these awesome crystal light in no time!
It's a cool prop for a costume or great for a party!
It makes a statement wherever you set it up!
Plus, you won't believe what this is made from!
 With an LED light inside for maximum awesomeness!

It's a breeze to make!
You will need:
about 8 short hot glue sticks
Sharp knife
hot glue/gun
cutting mat
battery operated tea light

Here's a video to highlight the cutting process

Easy, right!?
Here we go.
Cut the glue sticks into pieces varying from 1 inch to 2.5 inches tall.
Then cut them in the shape of a crystal.
 Next, take the crystals and glue them together at the base
 Keep building it up and adding all those pieces.
 Next, pool a little hot glue on a silicone mat.
 Add a pile of shavings and clippings right on top.
 Use a lighter to melt them down a bit and add a little pile of hot glue on top.
 Press the crystalline structure right on top and press down until mostly cool.

Let cool completely.
 It was at this point that I decided to put a light in it.
There may be an easier way to get to the light point, but here's how I did it.
Take the tea light apart, so you just have the battery/switch/LED bulb part.
 A simple LED light
 and an on/off switch with batteries at the base.
 I took my knife and cut out the center of the base.
 Keep carving it out to fit the light inside.
 Build up the bottom edge of the base with more hot glue around the edges.
 Slip the light inside and hot glue around the edges.
 Fill the gaps with hot glue.
 Now take some more clippings of glue sticks
 Add glue around the base and then press the clippings into it.
 It gives the perfect look.  Looks just like a crystal cluster!
 And it lights up spectacularly!
This is in near dark!
It's so cool and looks all Superman like!
 Great prop, gift idea, fun for wedding centerpieces, great for parties or just for fun!
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