Chain Tassel Necklace!

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6:00 AM
 Chain Tassel Necklace!
This necklace is so much fun.  The smooth chains are fun to play with!
It's heavy, but makes such a fun statement!

 I got everything from Oriental Trading. 
They sent me supplies in exchange for this fun tutorial!

You will need:
Scarf End Cap
E6000 Glue
Take 3 feet of chain.
Wrap it around your hand.
Carefully remove it and slide a piece of wire through the center.
Twist it up on top to hold it all in place.
Next use E6000 glue and pipe it in the scarf cap.
Shove the wire twisted top inside.
Use the pliers to help you shove as much in the cap as possible.
Then don't touch it for overnight!
Seriously, let it dry completely.
Then clip the looped ends of chain.
Add a chain and presto!  Done and fabulous!
Super fun statement and fun to play with!

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