You Color My World DIY Non Candy Valentine's!

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 You Color My World DIY Valentine's!
This is a really fun, NON CANDY Valentine!
I love having non treat options.
There are just so many allergies so these are perfect for all kids!
 I did small kid size Valentines with color changing stacking crayons!
And a teacher gift with a color your own journal and Prismacolor high quality pencils.
I got these fun items from Oriental Trading!
They are the best source for everything you need: parties, weddings, crafts, art supplies,
diy, kids crafts, toys and novelties, and more!
You'll need:
Coloring book
Stacking crayons
Prismacolor Colored Pencils
Color Journal
Cardstock, glue/tape, and printout

 For the classroom Valentines:
 I selected a couple of pages from each book and cut the edges off.
Then I cut them into 2.5 by 3.5 rectangles.
 Then cut some colored paper 1/4" larger.
 Tape or glue the coloring book page on the cardstock.
 Then take a strip of paper and wrap it around
and tape it in place.
This is perfect to slip the stacking crayon in.
 They look cute just like this!
You can hand write on them at this point...
 Or print out this free printable!

 Cut them out and tape or glue them right on the strips.
Have your child sign the backside and they are good to give out!
Gives the kids something fun to do to!
 And for a fun teacher gift:
 High quality colored pencils.  I love Prismacolor!
And a fun journal or notebook that they can color themselves.
I asked my son to sign the card, perfection.
This is why I love kids.
 The crayons are fun to use too!
Just color, then pull out the crayon, push it on the next one you want to use
 and it will slide out and the old one will slide in.
Easy for kids to use and a great way to have all the colors at their fingertips!
 Happy Valentine's Day!
 You Color my World!
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