Turn Child's Artwork into a Plush Toy!

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 Turn Child's Artwork into a Plush Toy!
It's so much fun for children to see their funny little artwork into a real toy!
Plus, this one has his own little voice recorded in it!

"I'm going to get you!  Roarrrr!"
So the first step is simple.
Go through that pile of drawings by your child...or get some paper and colored pencils and
ask them to draw something!
 Then buy about 12 inches of fleece in each color.
We used Orange, blue, yellow, black and white.
 You will also need cotton batting
Sewing machine
Embroidery floss and needle
Electronic voice recorder
 To get started, study the little shapes of the picture.
My favorite part is that wonky little claw.
The different sizes and shapes.
If you are hesitant, go ahead and scan the picture into a computer, enlarge it
and use that as the pattern.  Or draw it out on paper and use that as a pattern.
  Or just wing it, like me.
Cut all the pieces 1/2 to 3/4 inch larger than desired to account for the sewing.
I started with the little arms.
Each a different size.
Cut 2 pieces of each arm.  I cut one layer of fleece with the white claws.
Then fold the claw over the edge of the arm and sew it in place.
Carefully tuck all the claws on top of each other.
Place the other fleece arm on the top and stitch around the arm, leaving
the arm hole open for stuffing.
 Flip the hands right side out and stuff with cotton.
Look at the perfect little wonky claw!

Next, repeat the process for the legs.
 Okay, for the body, I wanted to be able to remove the voice box if necessary,
So I stuck the backside piece together with a strip of hook and loop Velcro.
 For the top of the body, I cut the right shape plus 1/2 inch around.
Then take the hands and legs and arrange them the proper way.
Then fold them in against the body and sew them in place.
Then tuck them all in tightly and place on the Velcro back, pin in place if necessary.
Sew around the body, carefully making sure not to sew the appendages inside.
Sew completely around it.
Then cut the backside layer to fit.
Open the Velcro and reverse the plushie to the ride side.
 Now for the fun voice recorder!
This really makes the toy special and unique!

They are simple to use.  Just press to the REC side and hold the button down,
You have 10 seconds to record.  Switch from REC to PLAY and press to hear!
Then when your plushie is hugged, you'll hear that cute voice!
Isn't that fun!?
So get your child's little baby voice on it and stuff it inside!
The Velcro holds so tight, it's perfection!
I stuffed it inside with the button toward the body front.
That way when it is hugged, it makes the sound!
For the head,
I decided not to use Velcro, but still to split the back of the head for stuffing.
I cut 2 pieces and then one in half again.
Overlap the half pieces by an inch and set them on top of the big piece.
Then cup the shape of the head out of both layers.

Oh, the horns!
I cut the cute, misshapen horns and sewed them in like the appendages.
Then set the split layer of felt over the top and sewed all around the head.
Then open the backside of the head and reverse the head.
Stuff with cotton.

Then hand stitch up the backside of the head.

Next, I used embroidery floss and a needle to stitch the face on.
I drew it as good as I could with a light sharpie marker.
Then did a stitch on top of the marker lines.
And lots of little french knots on the blue body
(not sure what the pox are, but they are on the drawing!)
Then hand-stitch the head right to the body.
It's perfection!
It was fun to create this little work of art into a loveable work of heart!
Super happy!
It's a great gift idea for a little person in your life!
Such joy!
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