Star Wars Kyber Crystal Necklace!

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Star Wars Kyber Crystal Necklace!
"The strongest stars have hearts of Kyber!" --Chirrut Îmwe
 If you haven't seen Rogue One yet, you must.
It's so good.  It is a fabulous stand-alone story in the Star Wars saga.
It's sad and happy and wonderful!
To avoid a lot of spoilers, Jyn Orso's mom, Lyra Orso
gives Jyn a necklace with a kyber crystal and tells her to
"Trust the Force".
 Jyn learns a lot about trust throughout the movie.
So let's take only 15 minutes to DIY a Kyber Crystal necklace just like Jyn's!
This is part of Craft Lightning Valentine Edition!

This is a great Valentine's day gift for that geek in your life!
It's hard to see in the picture above from the movie,
but this is such a cool recreation!
You will never believe what I used to make this copycat Kyber crystal...
A hot glue stick!!!
I know, sheer genius!
You will also need a sharp blade
and a cutting mat
and a lighter/fire

To assemble the necklace you'll need:
leather cording
20 gauge wire

Start by cutting a piece of the glue stick (cold)
to 1.5 inches long.
I switched to a sharper blade.
Then cut the glue stick to a slight point.
Like you are sharpening a pencil with a blade.
(great for teens to make)

Then turn it over and make cut to a point on the other side.
They are not exactly symmetrical.
One side has a longer shaft and the other side is a tight point.

Like this beauty!
Just think of the crystal shape and go slow as you cut it.
Lay it down and carefully use a lighter to
go over the edges just slightly.  This will give it a sheen and a smooth finish,
rather than cut lines and marks.
Don't melt it too much.
Then let it cool.
Now the necklace assembly.
You can find all these supplies at any craft store.
You'll also want some jewelry pliers and a poker to make a hole in the crystal.
about 1/4" to 1/8" from the top of the crystal,
carefully bore a hole with the poker...a needle would work too.
Roll it around to enforce the hole.
Then string 3 inches of wire right through the hole.
Wrap them up and twist the wires together.
Use the jewelry pliers to make a loop at the top with the wires.
Then put the leather cording through the hole.
I used about 20 inches of leather cording...depends on how tight you want it to fit.
It's perfection, just like Jyn's!
Aren't you stunned!?
Super simple to make and only takes minutes!
These would be fantastic favors for a Star Wars party too!

I love when I can make awesome things with super inexpensive supplies.

Then you can print out this fun printable
Just right click to save off and print.
Personal use only.
Then you can make a cute display bag for your necklace gift!
Trust the force.
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This is such a brilliant idea! Thanks so much for sharing!
Angie Holden said…
So simple! I love it!