Candy Christmas Wreath!

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 Candy Christmas Wreath!
 This is such a beautiful treat!
It's fast to make and perfect for parties!
It's yummy and soft!
Similar to rice crispy's, but with corn flakes!
 You will need:
10 cups of corn flakes
1 stick of butter
16 oz of marshmallows (fresh otherwise it won't be soft)
Green food coloring
Red Hot candies

Like these ones!
 Melt the butter and marshmallows in a non stick sauce pan.
Don't be tempted to use that bag of sticky marshmallows that was stuffed
in the cupboard since summer will effect
 how they cook and make the wreath too crunchy!
(Don't ask how I know that!)
 Once melted add drops of green food coloring and stir well.
Then add the 10 cups of corn flakes and mix well.
 Sprinkle some red hots in the base of a bundt pan.
No need to grease, since we've already added butter!
 Gently press the mixture into the bundt...careful not to crunch the flakes.
 Flip over onto a cake stand.
Best way to do this is to place the cake stand upside down on the bundt,
then turn them both over together.
 Remove the bundt and ta-da!
Gorgeous Holly Berry Wreath!
 Great for slicing like a cake to serve,
or just digging in a pulling like monkey bread!
It's a beautiful and festive treat to take to a party...
or have sitting out to enjoy on Christmas morning!

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