Wood Lathe Turned Wizard Wands!

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 Wood Lathe Turned Wizard Wands!
In preparation for more Wizarding world, we're celebrating with geekery
 and crafts to get us excited about the new movie!

We had a big party for Halloween and had fabulous wood turned wands as the
 Jackpot prize on the spinner wheel.
These were a big hit...and why not!?
They are amazing!
We even detailed the packaging, so they would let the wielder know what
magical elements their wand was made from!
We had lots of fun making them.
I bought a benchtop wood lathe from Harbor freight.
It takes about 20-30 minutes to make one wand.
We sold a bunch at the county fair and the extras we used as prizes!
I colored a few of them with Plaid Ultra Dyes.
They are like colored stains for wood and natural fibers.  It allows all the knots, grains and perfections of wood to show right through!
They are easy to use and come in all colors!
I also added touches of Liquid Leaf in gold to add more fun!
Some of the wands we wood burned...some we left just as pine.
My 14 year old son was a big help.
He cut about half of these on the lathe and became quite a craftsman.
This is a great way to get some practice in before cutting into expensive pieces of wood.
Just take a 3/4" piece of pine board and rip it on a table saw at 3/4"
to make square blocks perfect for working on the lathe.
We each picked one for ourselves too!
Can you guess which of these is mine?

Yes, it's the teal one.

You can make your own wands other ways too!
Check out these ideas:

Wands with Hot Glue

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