Luna Lovegood Lion Headdress DIY

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Luna Lovegood Lion Headdress DIY
With the new JK Rowling "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" movie release coming,
I thought a Harry Potter week was in order.
We threw together a Luna Lovegood costume for Halloween and feel it was a great success!
 It's not exactly the one from the movie, but
everyone knew who my daughter was!
 We used a big stuffed lion and lots of ribbon from Offray.
They send me fabulous ribbons in exchange for my review.
 We found this lion chair at a yard sale.
It's not an exact match, but it was better than starting from scratch.
It was $3, so it was a little more expensive than I was hoping, but still a great price.
 We cut his head off and pulled out the stuffings.
 We used gold, yellow and orange ribbons.
A big darning needle and some pliers...and poked, pulled and tied ribbon
off inside the head of the lion.
 The pliers help to pull the thick needle and ribbon through the lion.
 Next I used Ultra Dye in yellow from Plaid
They send me this in exchange for my review.
It's wonderful dye and works on natural fibers.
 So I dyed the white face yellow and let it dry overnight.
 Used black for the facial features and yellow paint on the eyes.
There are some things that bother me about it, or could be made better
if I was doing it for a bigger project.
But it will suffice!
I love when she looks down, it looks like the lion is her face!
 She wore a Felix Felicis Necklace,
A gray sweater vest, skirt, and tie!
Easy DIY costume! 

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