Matchbox Miniature Diorama Advent Calendar!

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Matchbox Diorama Advent Calendar!
When I was growing up my mom had a darling advent calendar for us to
open once each day before Christmas.  My mom was crafty and creative and always made the holidays cheery for us...she was also big into miniatures!
Each little matchbox was a little diorama scene to see each day as the excitement filled us.
I decided I must make one for myself and my children.

You can make one too--you will want to make one too!
 Maybe have the whole family help create little scenes.
My family used to sit together and craft after Thanksgiving dinner...usually a Christmas craft.
This would be a great after dinner craft to get ready for December 1st!
 I received a bunch of supplies from Oriental Trading.
They have everything you need for crafting, parties and holidays.

You will need:
24 Matchboxes
Scrapbook Paper
Hot glue/gun
Wood Board 18 X 10

The matchboxes come flat and you have to assemble them yourself.
I used my hot glue gun and hot glued everything together to keep it from falling apart over the years.
 I measured the space I needed for the little drawers to open and close.
The wood measures 18 by 10 inches.
I was just gluing boxes and asked my husband to find me a piece when he had some time.
He immediately headed out to the garage and came back with the perfect piece.
Next I used the Christmas scrapbook paper and cut it to fit the tops of the don't need to cover the entire thing, but just the tops.
I hot glued them right on top of the "Perfect Match".
 And cut some and glued them inside the boxes too.
 For the little drawer handles, I used brads.
I just used pliers and cut the prongs off and hot glued them on the matchbox.
Now is the fun.
Filling the diorama boxes and decorating the tops of them!
I used paper flowers, little Christmas charms and little Christmas shapes.
 I used some fake snow from the dollar store too.
Just fill it with hot glue and press the snow into it gently.
Make sure that you put the scene on the edge of the box so it doesn't need to be
opened all the way.
Do 12 of them facing the right and 12 facing left.
 Mark the board at 4.5 inches in on each side.
 Then line up 2 rows of boxes on the line and hot glue them down.
 Line up the other side and glue it down.
Once all was glued down I decorated the tops of the boxes with scrapbook paper and stickers
and flowers.  I hot glued everything in place.
I wanted it to look nice when the little drawers were closed.
 See. Darling, right!?
It's a fun decoration all month long!
Make it now so you have it ready for December 1st!
 This would be a great way to display little Christmas knick-knacks,
family treasures or old ornaments.
 It is so much fun to open and close these little drawers.
I've seen similar advents done with scriptures in each box.
Fill it up with whatever you are excited about for the Holidays.
Maybe a service you can render each day.

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