DIY: Cigar Box Upcycled Ring Holder!

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 DIY: Cigar Box Upcycled Ring Holder!
Turn a box into a perfect ring storage jewelry box.
 Velvet lined and rows for lots and lots of rings!
Great gift idea for a teen or tween!

 You will need a small box to decorate!
Plaid has the perfect Cigar Box. 
It's just barely over 8 inches square.
 It hinges and opens all the way wide.
It is a shallow box but perfect as a ring holder.
 Step one, paint the entire box.
We used white milk paint from Plaid.
 Next you will need 8 sheets of felt.
You will also need some black velvet, the width of the box, but slightly longer in length.
 Take the felt and a hot glue gun and roll each piece up in a tight roll.
 8 rolls fit perfectly in the box, they just need a slight trimming on the side.
 Just cut the rolls to fit right inside the box.
 Now take them out of the box and add a stripe of hot glue on the
bottom of the roll and stick it inside the box.
 Leaving a little tiny gap between each roll.
 Now, the rings would fit and stay in a box just like this.
But I love the look of the black velvet to finish off the high quality look.
Just pull back gently with your fingers and add a row of
hot glue right down on the base of the box.
 Stick the edge of the velvet in the box as close to the roll and base of the box as you can.
Be careful so you don't get burned.
 Use a craft stick to press the velvet all the way down to the base.
 Pull back the vinyl and add some hot glue to the next row.
Then fold over the velvet and use the craft stick to press the velvet deep inside the row to the base.
 Repeat for each row, making sure the velvet goes completely down to the base of the box.
This makes the rings fit deep inside each row very snugly.
 Trim and hot glue in the last row and then tuck the velvet in down each side.
It's so fancy and cute!
 Now, to decorate!
You can Mod Podge any scrapbook paper that you like right on top!
You can do altered art, 3D designs, flowers or whatever you want!
I decided to go super simple with some embossed gold cardstock from DCWV.
 Just paint mod podge all over the top of the box and lightly on the backside of the paper.
Then press them together.  I love the shiny metallic look!
 Gorgeous and useful!
Great gift idea!

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