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Broken Teacup Repair! Fix Anything with Sugru!

 Broken Teacup Repair!  Fix Anything with Sugru!
 Here's what happened.
I bought a tea cup at the thrift store and brought it home.  I bought some clothes too and completely forgot about the teacup in the bag with the clothes...when I CHUCKED it across the room!
I heard a smash and just knew I shattered it.
Thankfully it was just in 3 pieces and I decided to repair it!
 I got some Sugru.
It's mouldable glue.  It fixes everything.
It comes in a range of colors.
 Awesome right!?
 I used white, blue and some yellow.
 Mixed it up to make teal.
 Then I added snake like pieces to the edge of the cup and pressed the pieces together.
 And then the last piece.
 I used painters tape to hold it all in place so it would stay
solid while drying completely.
 Now it can hold water!
I use it for a rinsing pot for watercolors and calligraphy.
Sugru is non-toxic but doesn't have all the documentation yet to declare it food safe.
So until then.  It's great for fixing things!

Check out this ?????? Umbrella I did using red Sugru too!
It's the 7th Doctor's umbrella (Doctor Who)

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