Rice Stuffed Roasted Pumpkin!

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 Rice Stuffed Roasted Pumpkin!
This is such a fun and yummy dinner!
My kids love it and look forward to it each harvest season.
My husband's mom used to make it for her kids and we cannot get enough of it!
Plus, it is so fun.
 You'll need a small/medium pumpkin.
About the size of a basketball.
Cut off the top like you would for carving a jack-o-lantern
and scoop out all the seeds.
 In a frying pan, saute a chopped onion
and a 16 oz. package of sausage.
Then add in 2 cups of uncooked rice.
 Add one can of cream of mushroom soup and mix it up.
 The fill the pumpkin with the rice mixture.
Do not add any water.
The pumpkin will add enough moisture to cook the rice.
Leave about 1 to 2 inches at the top for rice expansion.
  Place the lid on top!
Then wrap it up with foil and place on baking sheet.
 Wrap the other side, tight around the lid.
 Bake in the oven at 350 for 1 hour.  Let cool about 15 minutes.
Then unwrap the pumpkin and remove lid!
 Cut it like a pie, including the pumpkin!
It's soft and wonderful.  Don't eat the thick skin.
 The rice is seasoned and perfectly cooked!
So much fun!
It's creamy and savory and the pumpkin is wonderful!
This is a must try dinner!
 The perfect fall dish!
And save those pumpkin seeds and do some roasting!

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