Metallic Washi Tape Tins!

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Metallic Washi Tape Tins!
Dress up old tins with metallic washi tape! 
They will look like new and are perfect for holiday gifting!
 I received the most wonderful Washi Tape in exchange for this post.
In my opinion, this is the best package of washi tape that money can buy!

Look at this gorgeous shine!
For 12 rolls, this is a great price.  Most Washi tape is $2 per roll.
And this is all foiled and metallic!
I had these cool tins from Brighton...some timepiece place.
Anyway, I liked the tins, but didn't need the logo.
And the inside has a big inscription...
So I used 3 strips of silver metallic polka dot washi tape and covered the inside lettering.
It matches perfectly and looks adorable!
I used a few strips of gold and white washi tape on the top too!
Next, I found some round and rectangular tins.
I added strips of washi tape to the lids.
Let it go off the edges.
Then use scissors and trim it close.
After trimming rub down the washi tape with your fingers.
They look cute and ready to be filled with something fun!
This washi tape trick would work on large cookie tins,
metal boxes and more!

And then you can make a little fishing kit in your tin!
Check it out here:

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