How to Dye Fabric with Watercolors!

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 How to Dye Fabric with Watercolors!
Watercolor on material!
This is really genius and super fun!
It doesn't take a lot of supplies to make it permanent!
 You will need some fabric.
I don't know what the parameters have to be...I just used some that I had in my stash.
 It was white and silky and gets super wrinkly.
Also you will need watercolors
A big paint brush
and Fabric Medium

Fabric Medium is fabulous and makes it so any paint you use adheres to textiles.
Awesome, right!?
Usually you mix it half and half with paint.
Not this time.

Get your fabric and your watercolors wet.
I washed my fabric but did not dry it.
I have a fabulous acrylic table so it's easy to paint and get water on
and then clean, that's awesome.
If you don't have an easy clean up/waterproof surface...
maybe take it outside on the cement.
Just get it really wet and add color.
Splatter, splash, splotch and mix!
Fabric bleeds and blends much more than watercolor paper...
so all the splatters and spots ended up mixing.
Not a big deal, but fyi.
I splattered on some shimmering paint too.
Once it was to my liking, I used the fabric medium.
I put about 1/8 cup of water in a cup and about half that amount of fabric medium.
Mixed together.
Then just paint the fabric medium over all the fabric you painted!
This did not make my paints blend just painted over all of it evenly.
Then I sat it out in the sunlight to dry.
It dried really stiff.  That is no good for fabric.
Now, another thing.  Fabric is no good if you can't wash it either!
So I threw it right into the washing machine to either make or break the deal!
Then dried it.
And presto!  It worked!
The colors are actually much more vibrant than I thought they would be!
I am thrilled!  Dying fabric can be really pricey...but watercolors are very inexpensive!
Come back tomorrow to see what I did with the watercolor fabric!

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